Almost Four Times More New Infections Of COVID Than Recoveries In Iowa Over Last 24 Hours

21 Jun

DES MOINES - Another spike in new cases of COVID-19 reported in Iowa Sunday, according to new figures from the Iowa Department of Public Health. As of 10:00am Sunday, 25,865 positive cases of the coronavirus have been identified in Iowa. That's an increase of 441 cases over a 24-hour period. Among those, four additional deaths were reported. 685 Iowans have died from COVID-19 in the last three months.

Of the nearly 26,000 cases of COVID-19 in Iowa this year, 16,018 have now recovered. But the number of active cases continues to climb. 114 new recoveries were reported since Saturday morning, far exceeded by the number of new cases detected.

Experts are watching these numbers closely over the coming days to gauge the impact of reopening most sectors of Iowa's economy. Researchers at the University of Iowa warned that opening too soon would lead to a rise in the rate of infections and, subsequently, deaths.

Overall, hospitalizations in Iowa continue to steadily decline. Just over a dozen new admissions were reported Saturday. Current hospitalizations have fallen nearly 60% from the peak level seen in early May.

On Friday, the state's website added data that breaks down the cases, deaths, and recoveries by patients with and without pre-existing conditions.

To the latest Iowa data, click here.

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