Authorities Arrest Man For First Degree Murder In Taylor County Homicide

21 Jun

BEDFORD, Iowa — A 32-year old Bedford man is facing a first-degree murder charge after a fatal stabbing occurred around 11 PM Saturday.

MayThe Iowa Department of Public Safety said 62 year old Penny Sue Godfirnon, of Bedford, died.

The Taylor County Communications Center received a 911 call, according to a Iowa Department of Criminal Inverstigation (DCI) report. The call came from 108 Pearl Street in Bedford. Once Taylor County Sheriff's deputies arrived they found Godfirnon had been assaulted with a knife. 

Authorities said the suspect was 32-year old Christian Andrew May, 32, of Bedford. 

May was transported to the Taylor County Jail and arrested for first-degree murder (Class A Felony) and Willful Inury (Class C Felony),  according to DCI.


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