RAGBRAI Announces The Great Iowa Fall Ride To Be Held In October

21 Jun

IOWA FALLS, Iowa - Biking fanatic good news is on the way yet in 2020.  

RAGBRAI officials announced Saturday via Twitter they would be hosting a ride October 2-4 called The Great Iowa Ride, which will consist of two full days of biking: one day of road riding and one day of gravel riding.

Both of those days will be based out of Iowa Falls.  The official routes haven't been mapped out yet, but the hope is that riders will get to venture throughout the city and surrounding towns. 

Normally, the regular week-long RAGBRAI ride would be happening during the month of July, but was canceled this year because of COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Only a certain amount of riders wanting to experience the Great Iowa Ride will actually get to, according to RAGBRAI Director Dieter Drake. Drake states a cap of somewhere in the realm of 2,000-3,000 people will be enforced.

More details will be released on July 25.

Drake says he hopes to continue the Great Iowa Fall Ride into future years as well.

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