Stalcup Ag Services - Northwest Crop Conditions

13 May


Northwest of Storm Lake


Past Weeks Rainfall .25 to 1 inch
Soil Moisturefit for field work
TemperatureWell below average for the past 10 days
Crop ProgressFinishing planting



Crop Stage95% PlantedCrop Stage85% Planted
Yield PotentialAverageYield PotentialAverage

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices $2.79Current Prices$8.04
Fall Prices $2.90Fall Prices $7.67
Past Weeks Trend5 cents higher last week,Past Weeks Trend17 cents higher last week


Planting season is very near completion in Northwest Iowa. This progress is well ahead of schedule which is great, but the growth of planted crops was slowed dramatically by cold weather so far in May. The good news, our two week weather outlook is much warmer with normal rainfall chances. All of Iowa and most of the western Corn Belt is running 1 to 4 inches below average on rainfall over the last 60 days. This dry spell was helpful to get crops planted, but we don’t want to see it extend too long into summer. Eastern and southern parts of the Corn Belt have been on the wetter side.

Corn that was planted 10 days ago or more has mostly emerged. It was unfortunate the cold snap hit just as most corn was emerging. It won’t kill the corn at this early stage, but it did extend the process and will likely add some variability in the stand. We like to see corn emerge in a short window so it’s as consistent size as possible. When corn is too uneven the smaller corn can basically act as a weed not adding equally to yield while competing for resources. This is the only negative thing to watch out for at this stage. The many positives of early planting should outweigh the negatives. Generally speaking this area is in great positon on corn.

Soybeans have also been slow to emerge, most should emerge later this week as it warms up. Soybeans are much more at risk to get killed from frost, but I haven’t found any damage yet. The emerging soybeans appear to have been protected by the warmer soil. If there are any stand problems, they will show up soon with plenty of time to replant.

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