Uptick In Fishing License Sales Will Allow DNR To Enhance Stocking Efforts

28 Jun

The Iowa DNR’s Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund is experiencing a boom as a result of increased participation from anglers.

Bryan Hayes with the Iowa DNR explains proceeds from license sales go back to improving the product.

“It goes into the trust fund. That’s a constitutionally protected fund. It funds the fisheries and allows us to stock fish and take care of our lakes.”

He describes it as a win-win, allowing the DNR to expand some programs and tackle some projects. “It’s a system that’s set up where the user pays. You purchase that license and it helps us stock those lakes and keep things going. It’s a good system. Most of our users are more than willing to pay those fees for the sport and the recreation that they enjoy.”

Through the month of May the Iowa DNR was nearly 50,000 fishing licenses sales ahead of their typical pace.

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