Your Daily Horoscope | Tuesday, May 5

05 May

Aries | March 21 - April 19

Two heads are better than one, but this can be difficult in a time of social distancing. Regardless, you can connect virtually with someone who balances your personality. Call someone today whose view of life seems silly at times. After exchanging a few playful remarks, you’ll take things a little less seriously. Problems that once made you see red could make you laugh now. Best of all, you’ll be kinder toward yourself. If you've been feeling down about your professional situation, give yourself a break. Someone with your drive and initiative will always bounce back

Taurus | April 20 - May 20

Treating yourself to sensual pleasures will keep your spirits high today. Go ahead and put on your favorite fragrance, wear your favorite color, or prepare your favorite meal. Your instincts are right on target, guiding you to choices that will uplift and inspire you. If you’re looking for work, find ways to bring comfort and beauty into people’s lives. Running your own business could be emotionally and financially rewarding for you. It’s possible a loved one will balk at this plan, but only because they want to command your attention. Stay above the noise.

Gemini | May 21 - June 20

Your creative juices are at an all-time high today. This is a wonderful day to develop an imaginative project of some kind. Whatever you produce could be well-received, as people will find your work delightful. A few critics may accuse you of being too fanciful, but that shouldn’t worry you a bit. Embrace your ability to make the world a nicer place to live; let other people dwell on gloomy subjects. The world needs a bright light right now, so be the person who illuminates the darkness.

Cancer | June 21 - July 22

Family matters are always important to you, but this could be especially true now. Whether you are close with your relatives or have constructed a support network from friends, it’s important to communicate with them in some way. Skyping or Zooming with your favorite people will restore your faith in humankind, so make it your priority today. This evening, a close partnership could drain your emotional energy. You’re tired of propping up a person who is perpetually questioning their worth. Make it clear that it’s not your job to bolster anyone’s ego.

Leo | July 23 - August 22

You’re happiest when exchanging ideas with fellow creative types, as you’ve been blessed with tremendous artistic abilities. Talking about projects with friends who spin straw into gold will lift your spirits. Although you take great pride in your work, you’re not threatened by other people’s talents. On the contrary, you’re inspired by those who have similarly powerful imaginations. Just make sure that in all this action, you're taking frequent breaks . Your mental and physical health are closely connected, and if you work too hard today, your body may rebel. Respect its signals.

 Virgo | August 23 - September 22

Meeting your financial obligations makes you proud, so devise a plan today to pay off any bills that are looming over you. Times are tough right now, but you may be able to negotiate an arrangement that will help you keep things in order while not breaking the bank. With every contribution you make, your financial stature will get stronger and stronger. As the day progresses, you might feel a strong urge to satisfy your sensual desires. Don’t let your obligations keep you from breaking away for a bit of fun.

Libra | September 23 - October 22

You may have an opportunity to wrap someone around your finger today. This person may be an expert in their field and with their help, you can get free lessons in a subject that has always fascinated you. Alternatively, you might be able to share your knowledge with eager students. Sharing what you know could feel like a rebirth to you. If a critical relative gives you a hard time for this, pay them no attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve been blessed with a sharp intellect and shouldn't hide it.

Scorpio | October 23 - November 21

A quiet appreciation for the finer things in life cultivates happiness. Enjoy time away from personal and professional responsibilities by savoring a good meal, communing with nature, reading a good book, or all three. Feeding your soul is just as important as fueling your body today. If you crave love, give it to yourself. Unfortunately, an unnecessary criticism may reach your ears this evening. Don’t take this remark seriously; it was made from pure jealousy. Take pride in your work and keep listening to your instincts.

Sagittarus | November 22 - December 21

Despite being physically separated from some of your favorite people, you can still manage to connect with your nearest and dearest today. Send a care package to someone who always makes you smile. A thoughtful box filled with goodies will make both your day and theirs. Even in the tightest markets, you always manage to find items that are uniquely suited to the recipient; that’s what happens when your ruling planet is lucky Jupiter. A stingy person might scold you for being extravagant. Understand that their complaint is rooted in an inability to spoil themselves.

Capricorn | December 22 - January 19

People may be looking to you for answers today, and you're certainly up for the task. You’ve been blessed with incredible leadership ability, so use this to take the helm of an organization or group, even if it's just virtually for now. If you encounter opposition to a proposal you bring to the table, stay calm. Instead of getting upset with your critics, try winning them over. Your ability to turn doubt into belief will only further enhance your power. The most effective figureheads are the one that exhibit grace under fire.

Aquarius | January 20 - February 18

Expanding your horizons gives you a charming sparkle that’s hard for others to resist. In fact, you should be prepared to encounter a few admirers today. Use your popularity to gain entry to an educational, religious, or cultural institution. It doesn’t matter if you were turned down by such an organization in the past; things may change with this attempt. Pay no attention to your inner critic, which may ridicule your optimism and idealism. If you always listened to these nagging doubts, you’d never make any progress.

Pisces | February 19 - March 20

You’re ready to make good use of your financial and emotional resources now. Whether this means making a small investment to create long-term economic security or telling someone special how you feel about them, it’s important to be guided by your heart today. While it’s true you could experience loss, that’s better than always wondering what would have happened if you had been brave enough to take a risk. Friends may fear that you are putting yourself in danger. Thank them for their concern and keep doing whatever it is you want to do. 

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